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Support the campaign by signing our nomination petitions – IFF

  • You’re a registered voter in AZ Congressional District 5
  • Your party registration is either Democrat or Independent
  • You haven’t already signed a petition for someone else for AZ CD 05

Sign online here  Here you will be given a chance to enter your Drivers License #, DOB, first and last name to the Arizona Secretary of State and you can sign petitions for candidates for office to your hearts content.  But don’t duplicate something you did in person with an on-line signature – they count and validate them, and duplicates get invalidated and are against the spirit of the laws around nominating petitions.

Support the campaign by donating here.  Sadly, the political world sees money as a proxy for viability of candidates, and if you can’t raise money on your own, well, few will take you seriously.  Our campaign is blessed to have support from additional constituencies that might not normally give.  We are raising the money needed to communicate our message to the people of the East Valley.

Be a part of a winning team that is bigger than any one of us.  Support us with a $10 or $5 just to show breadth, or volunteer your time or the federal limit of $2700 per campaign to show when the time counted, you stood on the right side of history.